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Widely-used methodology

Depression Test is based on the PHQ-9 questionnaire, a powerful self-administered tool to assist clinicians with diagnosing depression and monitoring treatment response.

Ability to monitor & share

Depression Test helps track overall depression severity as well as the specific symptoms that are improving or not with treatment. It allows you to share your test results with your doctor or therapist.

Results history & reminders

Historical test results are stored and visualized as a graph with an intuitive user interface. The app allows you to set daily, weekly and monthly reminders to monitor your progress.

Reliable resources

The app provides links to the most reliable and reader-friendly depression resources on the Internet.

Take the test to determine whether you are depressed or not

The Depression Test is a powerful tool to diagnose depression and monitor treatment response. The test questions are based on Patient Healthcare Questionnaire-9 (PHQ-9), the most widely used and trusted questionnaire among mental health professionals.

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With Depression Test, you can:

  • determine the severity of your depression
  • store and share the test results and monitor improvements over time
  • gain access to high quality depression resources on the Internet
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Depression can be effectively treated

Don't wait until things get worse. Find out if you are depressed and then take action.